Great things are accomplished together!

As a forward-thinking company, you are facing many challenges. To constantly questioning, inventing and changing to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow are not always easy. No fear, we at Sustainalink are here to help you. Whether you want to develop your already existing sustainability work or take the first step, students can help you along the way. We know you are facing problems of divers nature thus you can through us get help from students from a variety of educational programs, and from different universities and colleges. The students are passionate about helping you developing your business, as it gives them the opportunity to apply their knowledge on a real case. To ensure a successful project we offer our services with extra support all the way - from development of project idea to submitted results. We can guarantee good results, 94% of the companies that received help last year state the project as good or very good.

Take the chance and develop your business with the help of motivated and innovative students!

We discuss your challenges and your needs
We formulate relevant tasks and recruit students
We provide support during the project
The results are presented and given to you
You evaluate the project