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Path to carbon neutrality


With over 30,000 employees in 30 countries, the Knorr Bremse Group is a world leader in brake technology for trains and trucks. At the facility at Gunnesbo in Lund, the company's focus is renovation of brake systems for trains, to ensure the trains' safety and to extend life of the components. In Lund, Knorr Bremse has close to 100 employees who work with everything from disassembly, cleaning and assembly of the components, sales, market and customer relations, production management and logistics, quality and sustainability, etc.


Knorr Bremse has the ambition to become carbon neutral by 2030. The company has done a sustainability review group wide, focusing on Greenhouse Gas Protocol Scope 1 and 2. Regarding scope they have decided that it initially will be up to each location to survey emissions for themselves, since connection with suppliers and customers are controlled locally. Tracking emissions that are not produced by the company itself, nor the result of activities from assets controlled by them, is a difficult task for most companies in this global market. Just like other companies, Knorr Bremse in Lund is also wondering how to grasp the situation tracing emissions upstream and downstream.

In this project you will your task is to create an action plan for lowering the emissions according to Scope 3 at Knorr Bremse’s facility in Lund. By surveying the current situation at the business and studying information on Scope 3 handed by HQ in Germany you will develop a foundation for the action plan as well as suitable emission targets for the site.

Related Sustainable Development Goals

Company Knorr Bremse
Requirements Environmental Management and Policy
Scope Case in the course Environmental Management and Strategy in Practice at IIIEE
Location Lund

Helena Ensegård