Cultivation methods and greenhouse technologies

About the company

Grobruket  is a test bed and meeting place for the healthy food consumption of the future, but it is also an idea of ​​a place where we coexist with our surroundings, and do not take more than we give back. Grobruket was started by Niklas Hjelm and Niclas Lundius Mörck who met through the association Hemmaodlat. Over time, the desire to work full-time with plant cultivation grew and they  started the company Alnarp Foodtech. They started building the Grohuset meeting place, which later became Grobruket AB - a wooden house built in the spirit of sustainability. A large greenhouse and a suitable amount of farmland constitute the basis of the business.

A lot happens at Grobruket. Here, techniques for traditional, hydroponic and aquaponic cultivation are developed and refined. Grobruket also offers opportunities for conferences and training activities during which food is served from the kitchen garden. Grobruket is a place for innovation in, among other things, hydroponic cultivation, and Niklas and Niclas are the driving force behind the development of cultivation products for the hobby market - one example is the Harvy cultivation box for hydroponic home cultivation.


If plant cultivation techniques interest you, there are several angles to investigate further within the framework of a degree project in collaboration with Grobruket.

From Grobruket, there is an interest in investigating various subjects, such as the influence of lighting on plants, or how the interaction between fungi and microorganisms can affect nutrient uptake. In aquaponic farming, there is the opportunity to look more closely at the interaction between the plants and the fish. If you have ideas of your own, that could be solved. Regardless of the approach, the project is intended to include a combination of a literature study and smaller experiments where different parameters are tested.

Since this project is relatively open, it is an advantage if you apply well in advance of starting your thesis project. This way we can define a project that is of interest to both you and Grobruket. Describe in your application if you are interested in any specific aspect of cultivation, for example hydroponics or aquaponics, and we will start the dialogue from there.  The final scope is made in consultation with the university thesis supervisor and contact persons at Grobruket. Both student and client should be aware that relevant academic foundation must be applied in the work.


Related Sustainable Development Goals

Company Grobruket AB
Requirements You study at SLU Alnarp
Scope Thesis work on candidate or master's level.
Location Alnarp

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