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Sustainability Reporting - Filling the Gaps


GLF in Genarp is a manufacturer of wooden pallets, gift packaging and other kind of wooden products and a reseller of used pallets. In addition to production and supply GLF also offer different services to their customers.

Pallets are GLFs largest product group with standardized EUR pallets to special made products in their assortment. They have production sites in Sweden and Poland as well as warehouses throughout Europe. Their markets are all over Europe with Norway, Denmark, Poland, and Holland as some of the larger ones. GLFs products are mainly used in the plastic- and food industry as well as in construction and agriculture.

Recycling and reuse are a large part of the business. GLF collects, repair and resell around 600 000 used pallets each year, compared to 500 000 new ones. Pallets of too poor quality is sold to district heating plats along with residues from the pallet production. As part of their sustainability work GLF are ISO 14001 certified since 2003.


Just like many other companies GLF notice an increase in customer demands of reporting sustainability efforts. Customers even ask for documentation on actions required by national legislation, to prove that the company is following the law. GLF has done a lot regarding their environmental impact, and sustainability in general, for a long time and, one piece at the time, they have created documentation to show what they do. But GLF perceives their documentation and efforts to be quite scattered and only based on temporary inquiries from specific customers. They want a complete strategy as well as associated documentation, to be prepared for current and future demands from customers.
In this project you will help GLF to assemble their sustainability efforts into a joint strategy to meet current and future demands, including requirements within the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Agenda 2030. You will also survey existing documentation and identify what they need to fill gaps.

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Company GLF - Genarps Lådfabrik
Requirements Environmental Management and Policy
Scope Case in the course Environmental Management and Strategy in Practice at IIIEE
Location Genarp, Lund Municipality

Helena Ensegård