Strengthen B2B and B2C communication

Take the opportunity to dive deeper into both B2B and B2C-relations on an international, digital retail market.


Fyaril is a digital marketplace for sustainable products. By offering a platform for small scale producers of sustainable products Fyaril wants to connect producers and customers on a global market in a common ambition to make consumption more sustainable for people and planet. The sellers are mainly based in India while the customer base is targeted in Europe, in an effort of democratization of the economy and transition of wealth.

By sharing data on environmental and social performance the producers earn sustainability badges on fyaril.com so that customers can see what sustainability issues the seller focus on, such as fighting poverty, women empowerment, clean energy, or sustainable water use.


As a quite new actor as a digital marketplace Fyaril finds it difficult to reach out to both seller partners and customers. They perceive an idea among customers that sustainable products must be premium and expensive. Fyaril want to reach out with this message and make sustainable products more accessible for many.

In this project you will investigate how Fyaril can refine their message and adjust to different stakeholders – sellers and customers – based on each stakeholder’s knowledge of sustainability the Sustainable Development Goals. How can Fyaril, as a digital marketplace, use sustainability communication and raise awareness of these issues on a global market.

Uppdragsgivare Fyaril
Förkunskaper Du läser kandidatprogram i Ekonomi.
Omfattning Projektet görs inom ramen för kursen Strategisk marknadsföring.
Plats Lund

Helena Ensegård

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