Sustainable development is the center of all Sustainalink's projects and it is through the projects that we make the biggest difference. We create and coordinate projects that help businesses become more sustainable, either through increased knowledge or by direct measures. This makes us an important piece of the puzzle for a green transition.

Of course, we also work within our own organization with environmental and sustainability. We have a sustainability policy that leads our work forward and a travel policy that favour sustainable, fossil-free travel. Additionally, we're involved in local climate actions e.g. the Covenant of Mayors in Lund city, Helsingborg city's Climate Agreement and have previously also been part of the call for a Fossil Fuel Free Skåne 2020. A central part of our own efforts are also our internal environmental management system which we annualy report the progress of to Region Skåne and Lunds University.

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The projects contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals during 2022

All 103 projects contributed to the global goals. The projects have mainly contributed to goal 12 Sustainable consumption and production, goal 9 Sustainable industry, innovations and infrastructure, goal 13 Combating climate change as well as goal 11 Sustainable cities and communities. Our projects as a whole also enables Good Education for All (Goal 4) and Implementation and Global Partnership (Goal 17).

Miljöbron Skåne became Sustainalink!

In our annual report you can read more about our operations during 2022. Last year, we changed our name from Miljöbron Skåne to Sustainalink. We also started a new type of projects that we call "Challenge".