Sustainalink makes sustainable collaboration possible. We run projects where university students solve sustainability challenges faced by private and public actors. If we are going to find solutions to some of the greatest challenges, we need a wide range of skills. Sustainalink (formerly Miljöbron Skåne) therefore runs sustainability projects for students from many different educations and has close collaborations with Lund University, Kristianstad University and Malmö University Faculty of Technology and Society. With the students' competence, new perspective and innovative minds, companies get a unique opportunity for competence development and new solutions to implement in their business. At the same time, Sustainalink offers an opportunity for students who want to test their knowledge, sharpen their abilities and create real change for a more sustainable society.

We create value for you regardless of whether you are a client or a student. After more than 10 years we have a good knowledge of the opportunities at the different universities and a large network in the corporate world which gives the best conditions for creating collaborations that raises knowledge about sustainability issues and provides tools for creating change.







We make real change! In our projects, we make the latest sustainability knowledge available to the business world at the same time as the students gain new knowledge and experience. Since the start in 2011, many students and organizations have been involved. Together, the students have put 387,000 hours of work into the projects.

Sustainalinks history in short

Miljöbron is founded in Gothenburg

The new organisation Miljöbron Skåne is started

More than 200 university students and 60 companies engage in projects during the year - a new record!

Student nr. 1000 is recriuted

Miljöbron Skåne changes name to Sustainalink and we start our first Challenge

Sponsors & friends

Many are supporting Sustainalink. It is our financiers and friends giving students and companies the invaluable opportunity to collaborate in projects.


Sustainalink is a non-profit association and has a committed board with representatives from both universities, municipalities and the business world.


Of course, sustainability is the heart of our work at Sustainalink, both through the projects' contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and through our internal sustainability work.